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The Homeless Problem in Indianapolis

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Homeless in Indianapolis

Many individuals in our society have misconceptions about the homeless problem in our country. They may believe it’s because people are unmotivated, willing to live off the system, have addiction issues, or are mentally ill. While this may be the case for some individuals, for most it simply comes down to economics. Specifically, it is a matter of low wages, high unemployment, and high cost of living. Due to the high cost of living, low-wage jobs, and high unemployment rates, individuals must choose between food, housing, and other expenses.

Unfortunately, due to today’s economic conditions, many individuals in and around Indianapolis are experiencing homelessness. Once homeless it becomes much more difficult for individuals to improve their life circumstances and become self-sufficient. These individuals need help to reestablish their lives by having a safe, secure place to live while they learn job skills and obtain an education. The homeless population can generally be categorized in one of three ways:

* Episodic:

Individuals and families who regularly go in and out of shelters. They tend to be younger and leave shelters when they get income, or use shelters seasonally.

* Transitional:

Individuals and families who become homeless due to a housing, health care, or other financial crisis. They come into the shelter system and stay about three months and often move to stable housing.


Individuals and families who have been homeless for a year or more, or four times in the last three years, many of whom use the shelter system for extend periods of time.

Kreating Good Karma, Inc. will provide transitional shelter for homeless or disadvantaged families that are having a hard time finding housing in the community, and will include programs geared toward success.


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